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Financial Adviser Friend or Foe?

Ask any expatriate Financial Adviser about savings and investments, chances are they will recommend the use of either:

An insurance linked “Portfolio Bond” or “Wrapper” - If you are looking to invest a lump sum or transfer a pension from the UK (QROPS),


An insurance linked Contractual Savings Plan - If you are looking to save on a regular basis, perhaps to fund retirement or school fees.

Structured correctly and managed ethically, they are an effective means of accumulating and/or managing wealth.

However, structured incorrectly, your investment returns will suffer, you may experience capital losses and be exposed to huge penalties should you wish to reduce the contribution, cease payment or liquidate your investment.

Sadly, few so-called Financial Advisers take the time to explain this as they make their recommendations solely on maximising their commission. Put simply, the more expensive the product, the longer the term, the more commission they earn.

...“There is systematic wide spread and damaging mis-selling being carried out by overseas financial advisers.” (Financial Times 06/05/2016)

Anyone for TEA (Transparent Ethical Advice)?
ICHOR Partners is an independently owned Forensic Wealth Management firm and as such we are focused on reducing, and in most cases removing, the imbedded fees and commissions that are hidden within your existing structures, thereby releasing the full potential of your underlying assets.

The founding partners are drawn from the legal, banking, and insurance sectors, we are passionate about customer care and committed to delivering Transparent, Ethical, Advice (TEA). Our professional training combined with “real life” experiences enables us to have first hand insight into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s international investor.

Over the last 10 years we have witnessed the decline of professional advisory firms and the rise of the commission-driven sales companies, masquerading as financial advisers. These companies recruit and train salesmen with little, if any, financial training and remunerate them solely on a commission basis, thereby encouraging them to sell the highest commission paying product, rather than the one that is most suited to your needs.

ICHOR Partners does not employ commission driven salesmen, all our staff are professionally qualified financial analysts who are salaried and targeted on client retention and increasing assets under management.

We operate on a full disclosure basis at every level. In so doing we are able to remove once and for all the conflict of interest between the advice given and commission earned.

The ICHOR proposition is built on making sure that you get the very best financial advice and that your investments grow in a secure, cost effective environment.

If you feel that your financial adviser may be commission driven, or would simply like to understand the fees and charges associated with your existing plans please contact us today.

Meet The Team
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Carl Huckstep CEO

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the private banking and investment management industry. Over 29 years experience in the Asian market having previously held senior roles with Jardine Matheson, Hill Samuel Pacific and Lloyds TSB.
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Sorren Mahadeo
Client Services Manager

Born and educated in the U.K. Sorren worked for the NHS where he developed his interpersonal and customer care skills. Following a brief stint in the education sector Sorren moved to the Philippines in 2016 and joined ICHOR Partners where he heads up our client servicing department.
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Andy Marsh COO

A highly accomplished operations specialist with an impressive track record Andy moved to the Philippines in 1993 where he oversaw the roll out of SMART. Since then he has held a number of senior executive roles with some of the world’s largest multinationals including, NEXTEL, Saatchi and Saatchi and Sun Life of Canada.